15+ Hearty Winter Soups and Stews to Make Right Now

The days seem shorter, the air crisper, and the urge to hibernate stronger than ever – winter’s frigid grip is in full effect. But fear not, there’s a cure for the winter blues simmering on the stovetop: a pot of hearty, delicious soup.

Soup season is more than just a culinary trend; it’s a warm embrace against the chill. The rich homemade broths, simmered vegetables, and melt-in-your-mouth noodles offer more than just sustenance; they’re a sensory symphony that soothes the body and warms the soul.

The beauty of soup lies in it’s versatility. Busy weeknights, are for quick and easy concoctions, while weekends become an ode to low, slow cooking, with stews simmering away as you lose yourself in a good book or movie. Grab your dutch oven, throw on some cozy socks and give one of our 15+ most comforting winter soup recipes a try this week.

1. Smoked Ham and White Bean Stew with Potatoes and Parmesan

Trust me, this stew is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. Smoky ham infuses the broth with an irresistible depth of flavor, like a campfire crackling on a crisp winter night.

2. Carrot and Parsnip Soup with Apple and Bacon

Chase away the chill with this carrot and parsnip dream. Hints curry spice turn these simple root vegetables into pure magic. A delightful garnish of crispy bacon, sour cream and green apple keeping things interesting with every bite.

3. Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup

Don’t take our word for it – this Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup is one of our top-rated recipes of all time. Add an extra layer of depth by making your own homemade chicken stock.

a large white bowl filled with Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup, fresh herb and egg noodles

Reader Feedback:

My family loves this recipe so much….I made this again last night, my daughter had three bowls of it in one sitting! Simple and so delicious!!!

Shannen via Pinterest

4. Creamy Cauliflower and Leek Soup with Bacon and Chive

Warming, but light enough to leave you wanting more. You’ll savor each velvety spoonful of this rich and creamy cauliflower soup.

5. Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup with Buttery Croutons

“Craving fall in a bowl?” This roasted kabocha squash soup is IT.

6. Sausage, Fennel and White Bean Soup

It’s a symphony for fennel lovers, a celebration of this under-appreciated veggie. Fire up the stove, and get ready to fall head over heels for this savory sausage and fennel soup. Your taste buds (and soul) will thank you.

7. Tomato, Sausage and White Bean Soup

Parmesan broth is the secret ingredient in this soup, adding a touch of salty, umami flavor that ties everything together and makes you want to lick the bowl clean.

8. Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup (Dairy-Free)

A lighter, dairy-free take on a classic, this hearty wild rice and mushroom soup is made with coconut milk instead of cream.

9. Creamy Cheddar, Bacon and Potato Soup

Potato heaven, loaded with cheddar, bacon, and green onion. This soup is the ultimate comfort food for chilly days.

Cozy Curries

10. Coconut Curry Braised Salmon

11. Thai Green Chicken Curry

12. Butternut Squash Curry

13. Coconut Milk-Braised Chicken with Harissa and Lime

More of a stew or braise but still just as warming and delicious this coconut milk braised chicken is packed with flavor. Serve with toasted lime coconut rice.

14. Vegetarian French Onion Soup

Made with deeply caramelized onion and a rich, “meaty” mushroom broth this savory French Onion Soup might just be one of my favorite recipes of all time! 

15. Spring Chicken and Dumplings

Craving something bright and fresh? Fluffy dumplings float in a bath of rich chicken broth, asparagus, zucchini, leeks and lots of fresh herbs. It’s comfort food, reimagined!

16. Fregola with Pancetta, Peas and Parmesan

It’s like risotto’s more laid-back cousin, all the flavor and comfort without the constant stirring.

Reader Feedback:

Loved this! Made it a one pan recipe. Browned pancetta. Removed and added shallots for a couple of minutes. Added couscous to toast. Added chicken broth and cooked until couscous done. Added parm, pancetta and topped with chopped green onion. Yum!

Lynn via Pinterest

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